A copy of your divorce records is kept and can be obtained at any time from The County where your divorce has occurred. Every county has a Record Office of Licensing Branch, which holds a copy of your divorcee records. The copy can be accessed and obtained from the same department anytime after the divorce. In case you have moved to some other place, you will have to get in touch with the authority where the proceedings of the divorce had taken place. Here, in this article we shall talk about the reasons why you need to get your divorce records and how the divorce records are going to help you after the divorce. Basically you will have to generate an official request to get the copy of your divorce. However, certain guidelines are to be strictly followed. The policies and procedures may vary from one Records Office to another. However, the guidelines are likely to be outlined for you when you generate a request for the same.

-Divorce records usually have many purposes. These can come in handy in many situations. Basically the divorce records are the legal conclusion to the proceedings that happened in the court of law regarding the divorce agreement. This makes the divorce legitimate. This will also help prevent many future difficulties in dealing with legal works and proceedings. In many states it is a mandatory requirement to produce a copy of the divorce papers in order for a new marriage license to be issues.


-Apart from that, if you are legally changing your name, you will need the divorce records to be produced along with other documents.

-Even if you are applying for landed immigration status, you are required to produce a proof of your marital status. So if you are divorced, to prove your status, you are required to produce the legal statement, which will be a copy of your divorce records.


-Divorce in the contemporary times is a very common phenomenon. Also, many websites that deals with finding records can help you get your divorce records. You can also refer to the website of a state’s or countries’ Vital Records or Federal Records. These websites are very efficient.

-The divorce records may be required to produce at different junctures in your life involving legal work or documentation. Make sure that you obtain the copy as soon as possible and keep it safe, till the time you are required to produce it.


-Make sure you know whether or not your documents are required to be certified. You may have to wait longer for obtaining certified documents.

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